Frequently Asked Questions

Is Owasso Fence insured?

Owasso Fence is fully insured. We carry liability, auto, and workman’s comp for your and our safety.

Who is responsible for complying with neighborhood covenants and local ordinances?

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Owasso Fence of any local ordinance or neighborhood covenant requirement(s) on fence type, height, etc regarding fence installation.

Who is responsible for property lines?

Ultimately, the customer is responsible for locating the property lines. If the property pins are available, Owasso Fence can locate them with the customer’s assistance. The actual location where the fence is to be installed is the responsibility of the customer.

Who calls for marking utility lines?

Owasso Fence will call and have all public utilities located for you. Unfortunately, private auxiliary lines are never located. Owasso Fence is not responsible for damage done to unmarked underground obstructions including but not limited to: sprinkler systems, sump pump lines, drain pipes, septic systems, satellite lines, auxiliary power to lights, buildings, landscaping and pool or hot tub lines.