Fence Price Per Foot

Fence price per foot is a misnomer. It’s a decent number for budgetary purposes, but each job is different. If all jobs were flat, no vegetation, easy access, no digging problems, and no rock in the soil then a price per foot would work. Footage, material requirements, soil conditions, accessibility, etc all play into the price of a job.

A price per foot for 150 linear feet is one thing, but the same price per foot can’t be applied to a job with only 8 feet of fence. For example, a project calling for 400 linear feet will have a different price per foot than a job with only 80 linear feet. Calling fence companies you find in the phone book and simply asking “What is your price per foot for ____ fence?” will not be an accurate portrayal of the true price of a new fence.

At Owasso Fence in Oklahoma, we do not have a fixed price per foot. We can give a ballpark figure over the phone, but to achieve an accurate quote it is best to set up a free on-site estimate. Our over the phone quotes will more than likely be a higher quote than an actual on-site estimation. We look at each project individually; we calculate the materials needed for the job, time on the job, and soil conditions to derive at a price per foot. Without seeing the job site, we are more inclined to give a high price per foot to cover ourselves for any unseen circumstances since we haven’t seen the job site.

Feel free to e-mail us or fax us a hand sketch of your job, with footage, and we will be more than happy to give an estimate.

We look forward to serving you. Please contact us to set up non-obligating, free on-site estimate at 918-272-5555.

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