Ornamental Iron

Ameristar Montage Ornamental Steel Fencing

What is Montage?

Montage: The collection of superior fence Features, creatively designed and artistically assembled together forming a complete unique fence system, stronger than the sum of its components, with inherent quality and value far exceeding market expectations.

The Best Thing About Montage?

It’s made at Ameristar Fence Products in Tulsa, Oklahoma employing over 500 Oklahomans!

Where can I go locally and see some of your products currently installed?

Owasso Fence has installed Montage at numerous locations around the Tulsa Metro Area. E-mail us or call us for a few addresses or stop by our showroom and view at actual sample.

How does the price compare to aluminum fence?

Montage is very price friendly compared to Aluminum fences, and in some cases, priced lower.

Will lawn equipment such as a weed-eater damage the fence?

The only damage it will inflict will be on the surface of the picket. Maybe some scratches to the paint, but not much. Unlike Aluminum fences, Montage will not bend easy.

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